Villa Mamas, in the Saar district of Bahrain, opened in 2012 as an extension of Roaya Saleh’s home. Five years later, Villa Mamas London is our first international offering and brings a taste of Bahrain to the city.

Situated in Chelsea, we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, offer home delivery and event catering. The neighbourhood restaurant is a warm and convivial space where local and international guests can share traditional Bahraini cuisine alongside dishes influenced by Roaya’s heritage.

Roaya grew up in the kitchen. Her uncles would deliver armfuls of ingredients, fresh from their fields, to the kitchen door, and the women of the household took over. Herbs, vegetables and fruit would be carefully washed and sliced, dough kneaded by skilled, quick hands and each dish prepared with knowledge and love passed through the generations.

Keen to share her family story and home-cooked food with the world, Roaya’s cooking celebrates the flavours of her childhood, married with those discovered through her travels through the Middle East and India.

A succinct wine list, including exclusively Billecart-Salmon champagne, is served alongside a creative list of cocktails that can be created with or without alcohol.

“Food is one of the most heartfelt and authentic expressions of tradition, history and culture. To share a meal is to share who we are with others, to tell a story and, at the same time, create new traditions and friendships.”

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